More Surgery ... UGH!

We must be due for some good news soon shouldn't we?

At last Tuesday's hospital appointment, I found out that despite ultrasounds not showing any evidence of cancer in my lymph nodes, it actually had made it's way into one of them in my left arm. Another shock was the largest lump which was measured at 3cm on ultrasound, was found to be 6cm on removal. That escalates my condition from Stage 2 to Stage 3. It also means more treatment, starting with another surgery this Wednesday August 8th, to remove all of the remaining lymph nodes in my left arm. Radiation is now also going to be added to the plan, along with chemotherapy.

My surgeon says I am still very treatable and we are aiming for a cure, so it's not all bad news, even though it certainly doesn't feel very good right now. Hoping that the after effects are minimal, although I've been told that numbness, potential paralysis and lymphodema are common after this type of surgery.

Wayne and I would like to thank you all for your patience while we still get our heads around this, and continued support of our business. This is our livelihood and we are eternally grateful to our valued customers for choosing to buy from Poison Arrow. We love you all, 


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