Special Orders Now Available from the Hell Bunny Catalogue with Poison Arrow

Poison Arrow is now able to offer our customers access to the entire current catalogue of Hell Bunny products.

Yep, every item that Hell Bunny has in stock is now available for you to request as a special order, we will add it to our next stock order for you, which means there won't be any additional postage charges for you.

Choose from Hell Bunny's huge range of beautiful clothing - including seasonal items like Easter prints, and their amazing selection of accessories such as petticoats, handbags, and more ....

The current Hell Bunny Catalog is available to view via our VIP Facebook Group - to join click HERE and I will approve your membership as soon as I can.  We can also order items for you from their back catalogues, where items are still available.

You will save money ordering through Poison Arrow as you will only pay local postage costs ($40 via Hell Bunny direct) plus we keep our prices lower than Hell Bunny's official website. 

How to place a special order:

  1. Select your item/s from the catalogue
  2. Contact Poison Arrow via email or our Facebook Page with details, including design#, description, size, colour
  3. We will add the item to our webstore where you can purchase as a "Special Order"
  4. Pay for your item and it will be added to our next stock order (delivery time will usually be between 10 and 21 days)
  5. Receive your order!
Small Print: 
All items are subject to availability, we will let you know if there is a problem sourcing your item/s before we create a special order for you
All special orders must be paid for in full prior to being added to our stock orders, we generally order with Hell Bunny every 10 to 14 days

We hope you enjoy this new service that we are offering, would love to hear your feedback

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